About my Blog:
I started this blog (thanks to my old school) in June of 2011.  When I first started, I admit I knew nothing about blogging.  Over time, and with the help of many amazing blogs (yet another way reading can help you!) I now understand blogging much better. 
My blog is, of course, a book blog, which I knew it had to be from the beginning.  I hope you enjoy it!

About me:
Hi! I am a teenage girl who lives in Northeast Ohio and attends Buckeye Online School for Success, an online charter school.  I have two younger brothers, and a lot of pets, including three dogs, two cats, a hedgehog, a chinchilla, and many more.  I love reading, especially fantasy.  I read almost any genre, though, and besides fantasy my favorite has to be historical fiction (make it historical fiction + fantasy and I'm a happy camper!).  I love Greek Mythology (or any other mythology, really, though Greek is my favorite) and fairy tales, so I'm always looking for Greek Myth books and fairy tale retellings.  Besides reading, I also enjoy horse-back riding, swimming, biking, camping, hiking, skiing, animals, and writing.   I would like to be an author, and I am currently working on several books that will probably never be finished, let alone published.

I hope you enjoy my blog!  Thanks for visiting it!