Friday, August 5, 2011

My Fair Godmother by Janette Rallison

My Fair GodmotherAmazon Description
In her latest effort, Rallison returns to themes of sibling rivalry and romance, familiar to readers of Revenge of the Cheerleaders (2007). Here, though, she adds fractured-fairy-tale magic to the breezy plot. Sixteen-year-old Savannah is devastated when her boyfriend dumps her for her studious older sister, and she dreams that her life will take a fairy-tale turn, complete with a handsome prince, a ball, and a happy ending. Her wishes bring the astonishing arrival of Chrissy, an aspiring fairy godmother. Still in training and not quite in command of her magical abilities, Chrissy sends Savannah through a chain of otherworldly mishaps, including visits to Cinderella and Snow White’s stories and finally to the Middle Ages, where Savannah defeats a cast of magical creatures and discovers that regular guys are sometimes preferable to princes. Memos from Chrissy and her professors alternate with Savannah’s often hilarious narrative. The irreverent references to familiar tales, romantic twists, and frequent comedic asides will delight fans of light fantasy, as will the likable characters, who move beyond stereotype.

Janette Rallison is an amazing author.  This story is funny, well-written, it has a great plot, and it is easy to read.  The main character is Savannah, who has a fair godmother.  Just fair, because her school scores were not great, or even good, just fair.  When Savannah wishes for a prince charming, she gets sent to the middle ages three times-once as Cinderella, once as Snow White, and once to help a boy who accidentally got sent back too.

The plot is amazing, the characters are strong and show character development throughout the entire piece.  Savannah seems like a normal (partially stereotype) girl at the beginning, but in the end she loses some of her quirks. 

This book is perfect for lovers of fantasy, romantic comedy, and adventure.

Market: Ya
Sensuality: Mild
Violence: Mild
Language: None
Adult Themes: Cheating

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Lulu (The Bookworm is Here!) said...

I absolutely loved this book as well! I thought the plot was hilarious :) Thanks for the review!