Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dragon Flight by Jessica Day George

Dragon Flight (Dragon Adventures)Amazon DescriptionIn this lively sequel to Dragon Slippers (Bloomsbury, 2007), plucky heroine Creel is again plunged into adventure. Citatie, a country in the south, has declared war on Feravel, and the soldiers are sure to succeed because they will be mounted on hundreds of dragons enslaved or bred for combat. Creel, an enterprising dressmaker and Feravel's resident expert on these winged beasts, begs the king to allow her to enlist the help of local dragons to try and stop the attack. She works with her friend Marta, a mute soldier named Tobin (Marta's fiancĂ©), and Prince Luka (Creel's love interest)—and several winged comrades—to discover the true power behind Citatie's dragon force and to try to and save her homeland. This medieval fantasy, reminiscent of works by Patricia C. Wrede or Gail Carson Levine, is fast paced and entertaining, and filled with honorable, evil, and quirky characters—both human and dragon. Creel and Marta are both headstrong and enterprising, and their escapades make for an engaging read.

Book two in the dragon series!  In my opinion it is just as good!  It follows all off the same characters, and has a few new dragons!  This time the setting is Citatie.  And the reason is a white dragon, who has a mysterious past...and a secret connection to Shardas, Creel's dragon friend, and king of the dragons.

I love this book!  Creel's dress shop is open, Marta is fretting over her TWO wedding dresses, and then Creel gets a letter from Luka, telling of a army of hundreds of dragons in Citatie.  And the dragon army is planning on attacking Fereval.

Action, fun, romance, adventure, and of course, dragons, this is a GREAT book.

Market: YA
Sensuality: Mild
Violence: Mild
Language: None
Adult Themes: Death, Love, Marriage,

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