Thursday, June 16, 2011

Princess of Glass by Jessica Day George

Princess of GlassAmazon Description
On the heels of the success of Princess of the Midnight Ball (2009), George's sequel follows one sister, Poppy, to Breton. While staying with her Seadown cousins, Poppy's eye is caught by Christian, the Crowne Prince of Danelaw, and a romance begins to bud. But a maid in the Seadowns' home, Eleanora, somehow manages to get a gown and attend the ball, appearing to cast a spell over the men in attendance. In a clever reworking of the Cinderella story, George once again proves adept at spinning her own magical tale.

As you can see above, I give this book five stars!!!!  This is the sequel to 'Princess of the Midnight Ball'!  Although I gave 'Princess of the Midnight Ball' five stars, I like 'Princess of Glass' much better.  The main character of 'Princess of Glass' is Rose's younger sister Poppy, now sixteen.  Poppy is feisty, sassy, sweet, mischievous, and yet kind.  As part of the "royal exchange" program, she goes to her cousins the Seadown's house in Breton.  Their she meets Christian... Crown Prince Christian of Danelaw.  This book is a retelling of Cinderella, with the Seadown's maid Ellen as the namesake of the Cinderella fairy-tale.  Through twists and turns Jessica Day George shapes a beloved fairy-tale into a beautiful novel.

This is a MUST read for lovers of fantasy.  Even though it is a sequel, it could easily be a stand alone.  Jessica Day George takes Cinderella to a whole new level.  What if the fairy godmother was evil?  And why did the prince immediately love Cindy?  I love this book so much!!  If you haven't read it, go buy or rent it immediately!!!  You won't be disappointed! 

With romance, action, adventure, and fantasy, this novel has something for everyone!

Market: YA
Violence: Mild
Sensuality: Mild
Language: None
Adult Content: Death, love

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RandomThinker2 said...

This looks like a book I may read,and I don't read often. Just saying.