Friday, January 6, 2012

Follow Friday (17)

Feature and Follow Friday is hosted by Alison Can Read and Parajunkee

Question of the Week: Go count the number of unread books sitting on your shelf. How many?

Ok, let me go count...

...FIVE.  I have five unread books on my shelf.  I'm a little surprised actually.
They are (just in case your wondering):
Emma by Jane Austen
The Summoning by Kelley Armstrong
The Death Cure by James Dashner (Christmas book! Will read soon!)
The Girl Who Could Fly by Victoria Forester
The Last Girls of Pompeii by Kathryn Lasky

Most I've had for a while and just haven't gotten around to reading.  I honestly can't believe how many I have!!!!!!  Actually, I bet my list isn't that long compared to others (which makes me happy)!


The Nocturnal Library said...

Hi, Shelby! I'm so happy to have found someone with less books than I have. I counted 6.

Old follower.

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Maja @ The Nocturnal Library

Ajoop. S said...


5 is awesome. Not much clutter, but still enough to read. I loved EMMA by Jane Austen! It's my fave of all the Jane Austen books (:

New follower!

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Carol said...

New follower :)

Lulu (The Bookworm is Here!) said...

Yay, I'm not the only one with a low count! Lol. I was feeling out of place amoung people who had +100!

The Brunette Librarian said...

Woah! That is the lowest I've seen. Congratulations :) A long weekend and you could wipe 'em out!

Happy Follow Friday!!

Alison Can Read said...

Hopping through. So cool that your number is so low. Definitely read Emma. It's great.
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