Monday, January 16, 2012

Sidekicks by Jack D. Ferraiolo


Batman has Robin, Wonder Woman has Wonder Girl, and Phantom Justice has Bright Boy, a.k.a. Scott Hutchinson, an ordinary schoolkid by day and a superfast, superstrong sidekick by night, fighting loyally next to his hero.

But after an embarrassing incident involving his too-tight spandex costume, plus some signs that Phantom Justice may not be the good guy he pretends to be, Scott begins to question his role. With the help of a fellow sidekick, once his nemesis, Scott must decide if growing up means being loyal or stepping boldly to the center of things.

Me reading this book was ENTIRELY my younger brothers fault.  He picked it up at the library and never read it (he never reads - how is he related to me???) which was probably good because it was a little to adult for an eleven year old.

Anyway, SIDEKICKS was a fun book with an awesome plot and amazing characters.  I loved how the ultra-bad guy was a better person than the 'good guy' and the romance was sweet, if not majorly fast-paced (enemies to kissing in two days or less!).  It was a fast, fun, action-packed read.

The characters were extremely well developed.  The main character, Bright Boy, was fun to read about.  Monkeywrench was an awesome character because she could totally kick your butt, but she wasn't all "I don't need you".  The plot was amazing an there were some things I didn't know about until the book told you.

Girls, don't put this book down because of the action or super-heroes (though honestly, who doesn't love super-heroes?) and boys, don't put it down because of the romance.  This novel is amazing and won't disappoint.

I give this book a 5/5 and would recommend it to boys and girls alike, especially if you love superheroes.

Violence: Moderate.  A lot but no gore.
Language: Mild
Sensuality: Moderate, but nothing to bad.

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