Thursday, March 22, 2012

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Q: What is the longest book you've read? What are your favorite 600+ page reads?

The longest book I've read is probably the seventh Harry Potter.  I'm not sure, though.  The books I read aren't that big, averaging between two-hundred and four-hundred, but HP was long-ish, I guess.

That one is also my favorite, obviously!!!

EDIT:  I've recently learned that I am a liar.  See, I didn't actually check out the lengths of the books.  Turns out Little Woman (I read it kindle version, so I do have an excuse) is 1000+ pages, the fifth HP is longer than the seventh, and some of the Twilight's are really long too.  My favorite(s) still stay the same, though.  Harry Potter rules!!!!!

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Jac said...

HP certainly is a popular choice this week! I loved all of them so much; yet somehow? They slipped my mind when I was making my list! I think I forget how long they were.

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Born Bookish said...

Hmmm, I definitely haven't read many books that qualify. Haha!

The longest books I've ever read were Eragon & Eldest by Christopher Paolini. Which were amazing! I still haven't gotten to the next two books, due to those very 600+ pages. (Their a little daunting to say the least!)

yare said...

A lot of people are choosing HP :)
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Alison Can Read said...

Hopping through. It's hard to believe how long the HP books are. They feel so short.
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Book Slave said...

Hi there :) just hopping through...Good books always seem like they end to quickly!

I'm an old follower :)

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Small Blonde Hippy said...

Ooh, Harry Potter is a popular choice today! New follower. Here's mine: My FF

Lauren B said...

Love Harry Potter. You don't even think about how long the books are.

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Nicole said...

Thanks for following my blog, Shelby! Yeah, I agree Harry Potter all the way.

Kristan said...

Hahaha I was the same way. After reading other people's FF posts I realized I read a lot more 600+ page books than I thought. But Harry Potter is still number one for me =)

Kristan @ Lost Amongst the Shelves

Jen Witch said...

Ya I noticed that some of my other books are long too like the Twilight series and I've read Little Women I didn't even think about that one.

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Laura Armstrong said...

Lol - that was awesome. I totally did a double-take on "I'm a liar" wondering if you were coughing up some deep hidden secret for all of us!! Hilarious.

You're right... there's lots of books that are long that I didn't realize, either. I am wishing I'd added some more to my list, but I was already getting lengthy!!! (as usual?!)

Thx for hopping by my FF!! -Burgandy Ice

Reading Kelly said...

When I read on my nook I don't always realize how many pages they are either. HP is a good choice. Thanks for stopping by my FF
Happy reading :)

Beth said...

Great picks. I noticed your widget...did you like Forive my fins?

Jennifer said...

Harry Potter is a great answer! It is difficult to keep track of long books on e-readers. Thanks for visiting!

Old GFC follower!

Jennifer @ Feminist Fairy Tale Reviews

Kary said...

New follower! Can you believe I have not read Harry Potter yet? I'm making it a summer project of mine! Here is my FF if you'd like to follow back:

Lost In Literature said...

HP is veeeeery popular today! :)

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Lisa @ Lost in Literature

Sarah@Catching Books said...

Great choices!! Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix is a great read :D

Happy reading and thanks for stopping by!!

Kah Cherub said...

Oh, HP for the win!! :)

Maeva said...

If you consider the fact that the version of The Lord of The Rings I read was the one that’s one book with the 3 parts inside (1202 pages in the brazilian version), that would be the longest book I’ve ever read. But if you consider series to favorite 600+ page reads, hands down, Harry Potter. Not so much for the story, but for the feeling it brings me every time I think about it.

I'm a new follower, btw!

Murphy's Library

Lu said...

I agree Harry Potter rules :) Sorry for replying late and thanks for stopping by!

The Muggle