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Haunted Halloween Story and Cover Contest

Hi!  So I'm entering the Haunted Halloween Story and Cover contest (which are two separate things) hosted by A Life Bound By Books and Confessions of a Bookaholic and you have to post the story and cover on your blog.  I made my story and cover go together, so I'm posting them together.

So here's the cover:
Okay, so I realise that its really fuzzy (sorry, don't know why), so I'll tell you what it says.  Obviously it has the name of the book, which is RED.  And in the bottom left corner it says "What if the stories....were true?  What if every year a girl was die?  What if this year, that girl...was you?" and then at the top it says my name.  Here's a littler picture so you can see it un-fuzzy:

And now for the story:

     Where I come from, there is a monster. Everyone had laughed it off as a legend. And then the wolf attacked.
     The wolf killed nearly half the town before he slunk back into the woods that border our village.
     They say that the wolf is a curse, placed upon our villages founder after he killed a innocent girl. Now, every year, the wolf attacks. There is only one way to stop it.
     To send a girl into the woods. And to have the wolf kill that girl. It is the only way.

     The girl is chosen at random. Then she is sent into the woods, trying to reach “grandma’s house”, a cottage not far from our village. It is said that if the girl reaches the cottage, the curse will be broken and she will live.
     But no girl has ever reached the cottage.
     And this year, the random girl is me.

     I said good-bye to my family, knowing that this would be the last time I saw them. I wanted to break down crying, but I wished to leave my family with a good picture to remember me by.
     After the good-bye, I put on my red riding cape, and set of into the woods.
     They were dark, and thick, and in a matter of minutes I couldn’t see the village anymore.
     I wondered if they would be able to hear me scream.
     The farther I walked on the path, the more narrow it became, and the thicker the woods grew. I heard a wolf howl from behind me. I didn’t know the wolf would come this soon!
     I felt a pull on my cape, and for a second was worried that the wolf had caught up to me. A quick glance behind proved otherwise, as my cape had snagged onto a bush.
     The effect almost looked like blood.
     Suddenly, I saw the shadow of a wolf in the corner of my eye. I began to run, stumbling through the brambles. If only I could reach the safe house!
     And then I saw it. Not the wolf, but the safe house!
     I had made it! I was going to live! And the wolf was no where to be seen!
     I quickly opened the gate, and ran to the door. It creaked open slowly. The inside of the cottage was horribly dusty.
     “Hello, is anyone here?” I called. I heard a noise from one of the adjoining rooms, and went to investigate.
     Inside on a bed was a woman. I could not tell if she was young or old, due to the darkness of the room.
     “Are you the reason this place is called ‘grandma’s house’?” I asked, assuming she was elderly. The woman nodded. Something seemed odd about her. Her nose and ears were too long, and was that fur? But in the dim lighting, I could not tell. And then she smiled, canine teeth showing. I realized a second to late that the woman was in fact the wolf.
     And then he sprang, his teeth tearing into my skin. I screamed, in both fear and pain. There was nothing I could do to stop the beast. He was much larger, and stronger then me. And I had already lost a lot of blood.
     And as I lay there dying, I wondered how the wolf had managed to get to the supposed “safe house”. How many girls before me had reached the safe house, thinking they were free, only to find the wolf?
     And how many more would come, only to have the same fate befall them as I?

I really had fun writing this, even though it isn't that scary.  I wish that the word limit was more than six-hundred, because I feel that I could have done so much more with the story if it was.  Oh well.

So please vote for me (if you like it)!  I really hope you do.  Voting starts October 16th, and you can get to it by going to the links above.

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At first I was thinking your story sounded a bit like the Red Riding Hood movie that recently came out but i like the spin it has with the human sacrifice. I had fun reading this and I think you did a great job on it :)

I hope you'll read my entry ^-^

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